Jumat, 23 November 2007

Get Money Online with Pay Per Post

You can get paid by posting if you have a good blog. Most of advertiser agent will approve for a blog with PR3 rank, amount visitor per month, and a good topics of your blog. Then they will give you a task: post some stories or article about their advertiser that contain some keywords and links. They also have task time limit, you must finish your task within 1-7 days, depend on where you apply your blog. The most important thing is most of all post should be in English and not from a copy paste material.

Some company that you can apply your blog with are: sponsoredreview, payperpost, blogsvertise. If your blog is new, don't give up yet. Just make a post for your blog regularly and within 2-3 month until your blog could get a lot visitor then apply your blog to them. They will gladly accept you.

The most important in choosing your advertiser agent is their pay price and method. Most of all using paypal for paying their bloggers, and the article price is variable from 2-15 dollars per post.

Hope this article could help you in making money. Good luck!

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