Minggu, 18 November 2007

Choosing the Right Topic

Choosing the right topic could be hard or simple depend on yourself. If you making a site, you must know about the topic. You must know that information is right that needed by your visitor or people who search that information. In blogging you will communicate with the people about your topics. So the topic is depend on you.

You should be focus your site/blog in one general topic. In example, you can choose to talk in your site or blog about “how to make money online”. The focus will be on how to make money online, then you can post/share information about it. In example you choose to share about making money online with adsense, then you can make a sub-topic about making money with adsense. But you shouldn’t make a sub-topics about “how to make babies” because that’s will out from your first topics. It’s not you can’t do it, but if you do it, your visitor will upset because they don’t search your site/blog to get information about making babies but they search your site/blog about making money online.

Most people choosing high price topic regardless his/her interest in it. After the site/blog is published he using adword or other cheap advertising service to make traffic. But how long it will survive? Because if the owner doesn't have interest on his/her topic, he/she will rare to update his/her site or blog, the visitor will bored with the same content then leave. No visitor, no click, no money. You can make advertising to get traffic to your site/blog. But you can’t maintain your visitor by it. You will get loyalty from your visitor if your site update regularly. So the best topic that you can choose is something that you like to talking about, thingking it, update it on your site or blog as often as possible.

Make sure you choosing your topic first before choosing and buy your domain name. It because the search engine most appreciate the domain name that have the same categories with the topic of your site/blog. It will also affect the result on search engine result page.

What if you don’t know what topic that you should choose? Look on yourself! You are the topic. If you don’t know about other thing, get to know about yourself. You can talk about you, what are you doing today, who’s your friend, what movie you watch last night. You can tell stories about that movies even it’s old and not famous. Just talk about it’s actor/actrees, how the stories goes, and what’s your opinion about it. Well, maybe because your topic is more about you but at least you have your own topic. And if you update regularly, the search engine will know you more and your post will be on the search engine database, the visitor will come and the value of your site will increase, then you can make your money come by put advertising on your site/blog.

Choosing the topics is very important. It’s like choosing your site/blog destiny. If you like the topic, you will want to share about it on your site or blog. Update it regularly and the search engine will know it. The visitor will come and if they interest with advertising that you put on your site/blog they will click it and the money comes.

It’s simple but powerful.

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